Taurus Horoscope

Planetary position: –
The second sign of the zodiac is Taurus Rahu will remain in your zodiac sign until April 2 The month of April is more important to you Because Rahu will remain in your zodiac sign until April 12, and after April 13, Rahu will move to Aries. How much cotton to go after April 13? Jupiter will be in Aquarius until April 12 and will go to Pisces on April 13 Saturn is also in the past and is in luck from the zodiac sign and will go to work on April 27

Annual auspicious results: –
This year will be favorable for you 2022 will bring you good results Health will be favorable Will be relieved of a long-suffering disease Obesity or obesity in Taurus women or men will increase in 2022. Will be profitable in trade Since Saturn is in the position of luck or ninth in your zodiac sign and Saturn is currently looking at your profit or income position. Saturn has a tenth vision of a place of sickness, debt, and the enemy Saturn will go to Aquarius on April 27th. So you can enjoy happiness due to land, land, vehicles All of this you can do after April or May for sure From January to September or from 12 to 6 months, the time will be convenient for applicants.

Saturn’s eyes will also be proficient in art, literature, dance, music, and acting. Some awards may be for national or international awards Malimkandama will solve the problem You have to keep an eye out for 3 months October, November, December. The child will be happy, the child will be happy with the success After some problems in married life Good work will be done at home.You will get good results from April 15 to July or November, December. Long trips or trips abroad are likely in April, May, June. I wish you and your family all the best this year

Remedy: –
Every Thursday you feed the black dog with bread or parsley in mustard oil. Or chant the Gayatri mantra of East Goddess Ma Lakshmi of your zodiac sign

” Om Mahalakshmi Devacha Vidamahe
Vishnu Patnaya dheemahee
Tanalakshmi Prachodayat “,