Leo Horoscope

Planetary position: –
The fifth zodiac sign of the zodiac is Leo Leo, the ruler of Leo Jupiter in the seventh from the zodiac Jupiter will go to the eighth after April 13. Now Saturn is in the sixth Will go to seventh place after April 28th There will be a look at the fourth Thai house on Saturday the seventh Jupiter’s eyes will be on the paddy field after April 13 Rahu will go to Mars on the 13th of April or the ninth place on Mars Ketu will also go to third place The position of Rahu and Ketu is very auspicious for you. Jupiter’s position is now auspicious for you

Annual auspicious results: –
This year is very auspicious for you From the beginning of the year, parents may have health problems Stay tuned for that Keep an eye out for your own if you have blood pressure, diabetes or joint problems. January to March will be a bit complicated Be a little careful The situation has improved since March 15 Make food and drink properly There is the opportunity to travel long distances There will be good deeds in marriage, such as marriage vows The time is well ahead

2022 will bring good fruit to you Can sit in any position full of prestige If you have a panchayat election or a municipal election, your position will be maintained and you will be the winner. There may be some problems in married life The cost can be a little higher Going to help others can get you in trouble yourself This is a good time to invest this year According to the planetary cycle, some heavyweights can usually be invested between February 15 and June. Heavy Investments means buying land, buying a car or building a house, making some policies or insurance, starting a new business, but not investing in a partnership.

Wealth gain is added in April, May and June The year is good for having children This year is auspicious for you if you are a newlyweds planning for a child. Make informed decisions Think before you say anything to others This is because of the fact that you need to be able to do this every year Between the end of February or the end of March to October 15, there are some new jobs, job improvements, footwork, improvements or additions to the child’s government job, job transfer additions. In all likelihood, the time is right for you this year. I wish you and your family well this year.
Remedy: –
Water the sun every Sunday of the year Provide some fruit or mystery to any patient or poor person in the hospital according to their ability. Good luck to you.