Gemini Horoscope

Planetary position: –
The third sign of the zodiac is Gemini Gemini, the ruler of Gemini, Mercury It is an atmospheric planet Saturn is in the eighth Jupiter is now in ninth place The center will move to 10th or 10th place on April 13th Rahu is in twelfth place On the 13th of April, the eleventh will go to the sheep

Annual auspicious results: –
2022 will be a fruitful and fruitful mix for you From a health point of view, your health may be a little worse at the beginning of the year Nervous system, fatigue syndrome, body aches, colds, infections, muscle aches, sugar problems all will show you a little bit in January, June, December. You will be concerned about the child’s health but you will feel that the child’s education, workplace, and behavior will be significantly improved. If you look at the workplace, you will be relocated between April 25 and September 24, moving to work, having good relations with higher authorities, and moving away from work if you have a difference of opinion or disagreement at work. This year you will repay all the debts

Happiness in married life January, May May do good deeds New land, land, vehicles can be purchased from March to August Building a home, buying a home, investing in a stock market are good for you You also have the option of traveling abroad with your child Starting a trade business between March and April will yield good results This year is a good time for you from July 2nd to July 15th and August 25th to October 24th is a very good time for you. It is very auspicious to do something new at this time I wish you and your family all the best this year

Remedy: –
Visit your Lord Ganesha every Wednesday of the year Put seven octagonals or one true guava on your forehead and get under his feet. All problems will be solved