Cancer Horoscope

Planetary position: –
The fourth sign of the zodiac is Cancer Moon, the ruler of Cancer Sun, Venus in Sagittarius Scorpio Moon, Mars, Ketu Saturn in Capricorn, Mercury Jupiter in Aquarius Rahu in Taurus Jupiter will go to Pisces on April 13 and stay until the end of the year On April 24, the planet will appear on Saturn’s Aquarius or the eighth, and will be crooked on July 12 and will last until the end of the year. Rahu will be in the eleventh Sunday will be the sixth

Annual auspicious results: –
2022 will be a fruitful and fruitful mix for you From the beginning of the year there will be health problems. This problem appears Eat and drink at the right time There will be a transfer or change in your job between late March and August There is a possibility of long travel or foreign travel Homecoming problems may arise, leaving the home centered on family quarrels. “There is a lot of change, expansion, and change in the business.” Rentals will also change between late March and late August Eliminating child problems, the child will move forward, the child may have difficulty reading the text.

There will be good deeds in the house Good deeds will be done in the house in June, November or December If you are interested in politics then you must take part in the Gram Panchayat elections, Sarpanch, Zilla Parishad, Naib Sarpanch, Wardmember, Municipal Elections or stand for someone else. This is because of the fact that hundreds of thousands of votes are won Vehicles are good for the home

Keep an eye out for April 13th Invest in everything Don’t make hasty decisions or get in the way of anyone This is likely to happen when Rahu goes to tenth place Think about it 100 times before making a decision I wish you and your family all the best this year

Remedy: –
Visit your deity Mahadev every Monday of the year Donate something to a poor person every Monday, Monday, or Wednesday, every Monday for four months. Whatever your obstacles will be.